Final call for Remote Year 13, Earhart, final call.
Final curtain. Final month. Final countdown.

You can really label it whatever you want, but the “final” part is unfortunately non-negotiable. Like the groups that have ended before us, we are trying to figure out what this means for each of us. And as we start our taco and tequila fueled death march towards becoming “was” instead of “am” I’ve been reflecting on what this might mean.

So many milestones are marked not by the doing, but by the graduating from. I was in high school. I was in college.

“I am traveling with Remote Year.”
But in 20 days, that statement will change.
“I was traveling with Remote Year.”

The difference feels uncomfortable when I try saying it aloud. There is a profound sense of loss in “was”. But where there is loss, there is also opportunity. Because of Remote Year, I’ve gained so many ams’.

I am who I was, but better.
I am a world traveler.
I am a cliff diver.
I am a designer of several peoples tattoos.
I am a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.
You get the idea.

There will always be a shared history and connection between the people who travelled with Earhart, regardless of the duration. I count myself incredibly lucky that I now know amazing people from every corner of the globe.

But once the am changes to was, the connection is bound to change, because change is the way of the universe. Everything always changes after everything.

I know realistically, some of the connections will be similar to the friends you make at school. Proximity and shared goals makes quick friends, but once those pieces are gone the connection fades naturally. I’m sure we’ll keep up with one another on Facebook, post happy birthday, share memories and memes that induce nostalgia. If we find ourselves in the same corner of the globe, dinner will be had, drinks will be drunk, and reminiscing will occur.

But some of the connections I’ve made this year run much deeper. These are the ones that I’m sure will end up in fated adventures throughout the rest of our lives, seeking out the amazing corners of the globe that were missed the first time around. Still waters run deep, and I’m sure that even if we go weeks or months without connecting we’ll be able to pick everything up right back where we left off. These are the friendships of a lifetime, threads of fate woven together at just the right moment and time to create something beautiful.

I am melancholy about this upcoming change.
I will mourn the loss of this special thing that we’ve shared.
I will cherish the small amount of time I have left.

I will always remember what this was to guide who I am.

Did someone Rappi a tramily?